Chaotic Realms

Six months ago, the team and I aspired to create something different in Minecraft instead of the old faction or skyblock server. Today, we are sharing the news that we are unfortunately closing Chaotic Realms.

You may be wondering, why? This unfortunate conclusion is in result of the lack of financial power to push forward with this project. We put up five thousand dollars to advertise this server, and even with that we couldn't win a slot on leading advertising websites. Tons of money has been flushed down with hosting, DDoS protection, R&D, etc.

I'm sorry to anyone we have disappointed and let down. Without you and many others, this server would have never been possible.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and I invite you to join the team and I on our next project-- Furious Wars. More information on this upcoming network will be revealed on this page in the coming weeks.